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Attention Spokane Allergy Sufferers!

When most people think about chiropractic, they usually think of neck and back pain, headaches and other spinal-related health conditions. So it surprises many of our patients when their allergies disappear or their symptoms significantly decrease after beginning chiropractic care in our practice.

“I didn’t tell you about my allergies, but they’re really improved since I’ve begun chiropractic.”

We hear that all the time.

How is that possible?

First, it’s important to note that chiropractic care isn’t a treatment for allergies. Instead, allergy relief is the natural result of reducing nervous system interference between your brain and your body along the spine. Which, if the truth be told, is the real purpose of chiropractic care. As stress to your spine and nervous system is reduced, your ability to self heal is revived and all types of non-spinal symptoms disappear.

That makes you the doctor!

If you get the watery eyes and runny nose, you don’t need to see the yellow fog of pollen to know that it’s allergy season in Spokane. You don’t even need to consult the Spokane pollen forecast showing the amount of airborne tree, grass and weed pollen.

Put away the over-the-counter drugs such as Claritin or Benadryl, and the unpleasant side effects that come with them. Instead, find out about safe and natural chiropractic care.

Give us a call to arrange a no-obligation consultation. Find out if your allergies are related to nervous system disturbances along your spine.

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