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What You Need to Know About Organics in Spokane!

A lot of our patients come in asking for lifestyle recommendations. They’re feeling better than they have in years after receiving chiropractic treatment. It’s important to them to do everything they can to keep on improving their health.

One of our biggest recommendations, especially this time of year, is to look at organic and local produce.

Now you might be wondering: why are we recommending organics? Aren’t they too expensive?

At most grocery stores, organic produce is more expensive. And it can be impossible to source locally grown fruits and vegetables altogether if you just rely on the big box stores. But luckily, a number of area farm stands and farmers’ markets are springing up.

You can get the freshest stuff just hours after it’s been harvested. Organic produce offers a few benefits. First, reducing your exposure to pesticides helps your body focus on healing, in conjunction chiropractic adjustments.

Some studies show that organic produce might make us live longer and cope with stress better. Best of all, freshly harvested produce is some of the most delicious you’ll ever taste.

There are many misconceptions about the connection between diet and health. From a chiropractic standpoint, we believe in giving your body the best nutrition possible.

High quality source materials help your body stimulate its own ability to heal. That’s at the root of our beliefs about chiropractic.

By eating well, getting a little exercise and finding ways to reduce stress, you’ll see an even bigger impact on your overall health and nervous system in conjunction with chiropractic treatment.

Are you ready to try some organic or locally grown foods? For some of the Northwest’s freshest produce, check out the Spokane Farmers’ Market. If you often don’t cook at home because you don’t have time to shop, Garden Delivered will bring boxes of local organic fruits and veggies to your home.

Give us a call and set up a consultation to learn more about how safe, natural approaches to chiropractic can help you have your healthiest summer yet!

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