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Why Swimming is a Great Exercise Choice in Spokane

Chances are you’re planning to hit the pool or spend a day at the beach this summer. But did you know that regular swimming has numerous health benefits? Several studies show that swimming improves everything from your heart and lung health to your body’s flexibility and muscle tone. And like regular chiropractic care, swimming can help promote healing after an injury. Many people also find that it’s a great stress reliever.

In addition to chiropractic adjustments, reducing stress and participating in an exercise regimen support a healthy nervous system. Swimming is a great natural way to make the most of your ongoing commitment to your health, and achieve a range of goals.

A regular swimming routine where you gradually increase the intensity of your workout helps teach your body to use oxygen in a more efficient way. As a result, both your heart and lungs become stronger over time.

Or perhaps your goal is to improve your body’s flexibility and muscle tone. Getting into the pool for a swim a few times a week can help you make strides towards your fitness goals. Swimming provides a total body workout that you wouldn’t necessarily get from other exercises. And one of the greatest benefits is that swimming puts very little stress on your body. So if you are recovering from an injury or combatting a chronic joint condition, you can feel confident that this exercise won’t hurt you.

Decreasing stress is another benefit of regular swimming. Being in the water creates a calming effect for our bodies, and the endorphins that are released as you glide through the water leave you feeling happy and relaxed.

It’s easy to see why we routinely recommend swimming to the members of our practice. When with regular chiropractic care, it truly helps promote your body’s capacity for healing. Find a nearby pool in Spokane today and check out the local Washington forecast before you dive in. Stop by our office to learn more about natural solutions to your health questions.

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